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Painting Freehands


Our artists are an incredibly talented bunch, and painting breathtaking freehand designs on your models is one of their favorite passions. If you have surfaces on your models that crave that extra touch of love and artistry, consider ordering our freehand service.
Not only will your opponents admire it, but your family will also delight in it, and you'll proudly display your exquisitely painted army! You know it's worth it.


5 - 30 $ USD

A shoulderpad symbol, banner, small hatch, vehicle icon. Something that isn't too big, or complicated.

If you need one of those, best way to go is with a small freehand.


60-135 $ USD

More detailed flags, banners, Land Raider doors.

Something in between the Small and Large freehands regarding quality.

If you need something more detailed, but not too big, this is the best choice.


130 - 250 $ USD

Those kind of freehands are best suited for large vehicles, imperial knights, or warlord sized machines.

Best look on Imperial Knight shoulderpads, or Stormraven wing.

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