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How long does 3D printing take?

How long does 3D printing take
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3D printing is time-consuming process and depending on few variables and .STL file format settings, the printing time process may fluctuate.


What determines the time of 3d printing?

We listed below major factors that impact the 3D printing time, usually the printing time of the 3D miniature does not extend the 14 hours of uninterrupted printing.

3D printer and it's options

One of the most important factor is the 3D printer that you use to print objects, every printer has a limitation of maximum printing speed time.

You should check this parameter before purchase if the printing time is really important to you.

The rotation of the objects matters as well, we mentioned this in article:
When should you print 3D miniatures in pieces?

Except the hardware influence on the time printing there're as well software influence. Depending on the program, there are several ways to speed up your printing one of them is decimation.

Scale and amount of details

Mostly if larger the object is the more time it will take to print. Higher objects usually take longer to print even if their total cubic inches are higher.

How long does 3D printing take

3D printing time is dependent on height of the model you're trying to print. Let's say model is going to be ready in 14 hours because of its' height and amount of supports.

If you chop object off by half and put them next to it in the program you'll reduce his height by half, you reduce the printing time by half as well.

Keep in mind that .STL file should be intendent to print in this way.

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Amount of elements

If the file you're going to print includes a lot of detailed elements the total time might extend mentioned above 12 hours.

If you would like to print these weapons ASAP then you should place them flat in the program to decrease amount of nozzle movement.

We're creating STL files mostly for tabletop games and what our customers would like us to.

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How long does it take to print 22mm scale miniature?

Printing miniature in 22mm scale takes from 3-5 hours to print.

How long does it take to print 32mm scale miniature?

Printing miniature in 32mm scale takes from between 5-8 hours to print.

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