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Does 3d printing smell?

Does 3d printing smell?
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We wrote some about this topic in post which we described the total cost of printing miniatures. If you would like to print 3D objects we recommend to have separete room just for the printer.

Why do you need seperate room for 3D printing?

The main reason why you should isolate your 3D printer is because of the unpleasant smell it gives off while working. This smell depends mostly on the resin type that you're using.

The printer emits vapors containing alcohol, which easily enter our lungs and depending on how long we stay in one room during its work could be even dangerous.

After a few minutes, our head may start to hurt or you can feel nauseous.

If you do not feel any difference you should know especially if you're a driver that during breathalyzer test you cloud blow out as if you had drunk alcohol. Such scenario is likely.

Ventilation is crucial

Separate room might be not enough, room intended for 3D printer should have good ventilation. It depends on 3D printers amount that you have in a room.

Opened window (if that room has it) might be enough for single working printer but if you have 3 or more printers working simultaneously this room should have air conditioning.

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I cannot print in a separate room what should I do?

It's possible to print in a room where we stay but as we mentioned above we don't recommend this.

You can just get out and come back when it's done right? Well, that's true but this is possible only when you live alone but when you don't? What about house animals and other household members?

Well, depending where you're living there're several solutions to this problem.

Printing 3D objects outside the house

To do this the basic need is to have power connection outisde the house. This solution is very good especially when outside wheather is sunny and dry, when doing this remember to keep the 3D printer in a shadow and under the roof to protect it from unsuspected moisture and overheating.

When you decide to do this that way you should remember to place 3D printer where it would be safe, away from animals, children and unfavorable weather conditions.

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