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When should you print 3D miniatures in pieces?

When should you print 3D miniatures in pieces?
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When it comes to printing 3D objects, there is a dilemma whether we should print objects as one piece or in pieces. It depends mostly on our needs, type of object and its size.

Let's move on to the topic.

You're printing a lot of miniatures

3D printing time is dependent on height of the model you're trying to print. Let's say model of a giant is going to be ready in 14 hours.

If you chop his legs off and put them next to his now legless torso, therefore reducing his height by half, you reduce the printing time by half as well.

Another example.

By default we have 4 elements in one STL file and we found space for another "the new" one. So we decide to separete additional one into two pieces because there is space for it and these elements could fit into other miniatures as well.  

Keep in mind that process of cutting models into two pieces is time consuming and if you're going to print it once this whole process might be unnecessary to do at all.

Second part of this separated miniature is going to be printed in next wave so in resault we saved time and made this one easier to clean afterall.

When should you print 3D miniatures in pieces

Miniature has hard accessable elements

Some of the miniatures are designed in poses that look pretty cool but this make them harder to clean of supports and excess amount of resin.

At this exmaple we're going to seperate miniature into two parts because of the reason that we mentioned above plus we're printing this miniature often.

Miniature has magnetization or replaceable parts

Printing elements separately in this case is the only way to have magnetisted elements easily.

Structure of resin miniatures are very soft so they should contain intended places for magnetization created in 3D program (like ZBrush). If you're looking for a miniature with such an option then we are glad to help!

Miniature with magnetization or replaceable parts

We're creating STL files mostly for tabletop games and what our customers would like us to.

Would you like to get a miniature created by our team? Contact us via mail: service@wildmesh.eu 📧 or via 3D model comission page.

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