Nov 14, 2022 2 min read

What to do with 3d printer waste made of resin?

What to do with 3d printer waste?
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3D printer waste is made of toxic resin that is dangerous for human, animals and environment that are around. Waste elements such as 3d supports and redundant layers should not be thrown into an ordinary garbage can.

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Where should I recycle 3d printer waste?♻️

The resin must be recycled by a special company with the appropriate permissions depending on the country where you live or legislation.

3d printer waste made of resin

How often should I recycle 3d printer waste made of resin?

It depends on yours consumption of resin, it is good to set the frequency of giving it to places that will dispose of it once a month or weekly.

You can store the waste resin in the original container.


Is there any way to throw 3d printer waste to usual bin?🗑️

There is possibility to do this, if you use ecological resin you can throw it away to trash without any consequences in most countries.

Make sure if it's legal to throw away eco resin in your jurisdiction to the ordinary bin.

Currently, price of ecological resin is higher than the standard one but the price and time of recycling (the standard one) in ours opinion prevails in favor of the eco resin.

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