Nov 18, 2022 3 min read

What size of bases are used for warhammer miniatures? - Base size reference guide.

What size of bases are used for warhammer miniatures
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In this article we would like to introduce newcomers to the Warhammer world with all information about warhammer miniature bases. Seemingly prosaic topic is more complicated than you might think.

Problem begins at Games Worksop website where the developers does not include the information about the base size in most of the miniatures product pages.

Even if there's size mentioned in the miniature description product page there's still possibilty to recieve base with quite different size.

LVO created their own list of base size for 2020 and even added a column for possible alternate base sizes, so we're not the only ones seeing the problem.

Well, let's move to the main topic!

Type of bases

There're several base types that can be classified under the miniature standard bases like square, oval, round and more miniature dedicated bases.

Square / rectangle bases:

Square / rectangle bases are used in various systems. Many players still play Warhammer Fantasy Battle with the original bases - while the new AoS bases are round and oval.

Round / oval bases:

Round and oval bases are used very commonly nowadays. Smaller round bases are usually used for regular infantry sized models. Smaller oval bases usually are used for bikers, cavalry. While larger round and ovals can fit Monsters or Imperial Knights.

Flight stand / Flying bases:

Miniatures that are speeders, flyers, some jump troops, anti-grav tanks.

Miniatures without base:

Some of the miniatures require no basing because they can stand by themself, these miniatures are mostly created in bigger scale (vehicles, dreadnoughts).

Special dedicated bases

Some unique miniatures has base size that's not mentioned in the tally above.

These bases are typically created for miniatures that dont contain any base in product box at all or the original base is too small / big. We are able to create bases at any size.

Plastic bases aside, dedicated base could be created from several materials (wood, plastic or plexiglas like these below).

Would you like to get such a basing?
Contact us via get a quote! 👈

What base size are used in warhammer miniatures?

Small bases: 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 60x35 mm oval.

Medium bases: 75x42 mm oval, 80mm, 90mm, 90x52 mm oval.

Large bases: 100mm, 105x70 mm oval, 120x92 mm oval, 130mm, 160mm, 170x105 mm oval.

Comparing base sizes between each other

We created a size comparison between the bases to illustrate scale.

Warhammer 40k Base Size Reference Guide
Miniatures with 25mm - 65mm base size scale
Warhammer 40k Base Size Reference Guide
Miniatures with 80mm - 160mm base size scale

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