Oct 11, 2022 2 min read

Can you pause a 3D print?

Can you pause a 3D print?
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It's good to know if it's possible especially when you're beginning with the 3D printers. Answering the main question of the topic - Yes it's possible to pause 3D printer, while working (almost every printer has this option) but we do not recommend this to do this unless it's nessesary.

There can be many reasons for pausing your 3D printer, but we recommend a number of steps before starting it to avoid this situation.

Check amount of resin before turing on the printer

Best practice when printing 3D object is to fill 3D printer container to the maximum capacity. This way you will avoid incomplete printing because most printers do not have information about the amount of resin in the tank and will continue to work even though it's empty.

If you're afraid that the amount is insufficient then you should separate the object into small pieces or if it's impossible then you should come after few hours and add some of resin.

Check amount of resin before turing on the printer

3D object used up whole resin - now what?

There is nothing to worry about. If you pause the printing the printer will rise up enough and you'll be able to fill it up again.

For how long can you pause 3d printer?

You should unpause it as fast as possible. The resin may harden over time and when you resume printing it might destroy the surface of the 3D object or it might get distorted.

Final thoughts

We do not recommend to pause 3D printer while working. You should as well print small objects to not empty whole resin at once or pause printing for short time and refuel ASAP. Good luck with your paintigs!

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