Oct 5, 2022 3 min read

How to add supports to 3d prints?

How to add supports to 3d prints?
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When it comes to 3D prints very important aspect of getting 3D object printed right is to add supporters to the model to stabilze it while printing.

The support is a "stick" that is attached to the model to help it print correctly. Whole process of implementing supports to the model is time consuming and hard to place it well.

Rotation of the 3D object

At the outset, a question arises.

Are the supports nessesary to print 3d prints?

Not really, it's possible to print the miniature without supports but it depends of the object. Usually, supports're required when figures have elements that are in some distance from each other.

If you would like to print big objects then you must add the supports to it.

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Rotation of the 3D object

It's important to orient the object in the optimal direction, for example say we would like to print the miniature. If the miniature is a human we should rotate him to stand and create wider base to hold it together.

If we rotate the model correctly we don’t need supports at all, saving both material and time. Make sure your model is in the best orientation to minimize 3D printed supports.

Size of supports

Size of them depends of the scale and weight of the miniature that you would like to print. For bigger models you have to use wider supports.


Every 3D program has option of adding automatic generated supports to the model. This option is not perfect but for beginners is very good option to start with.

It is not worth saving on the number of supports, escpecially when you're not sure if the print going to be fine without them.
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Location of the supports

You should avoid flat surfaces on the miniature because then you can be sure that the final result will be satisfactory.

If it's possible you should add the supports in the places on the object that's going to be invisible in resault.

Unfortunately, this option is often not possible.
way that the figure is printed
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Final thoughts

It's worth experimenting. However, remember that it is not worth overdoing it both ways with excess and underestimated amounts of supports. Use option of auto-supporting and at first and learn on the objects in small scale.

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