Aug 31, 2022 2 min read

How to remove paint from plastic models?

How to remove paint from plastic models
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Did you paint part of the model accidentally or effect on the model that you achevied is unsatisfactory? No worries, there is a way to remove the paint without damaging the plastic base.

Before you start it’s recommended to put plastic gloves on your hands, especially if you’re hypersensitive on chemical substances.

Find plastic container and fill it up with DOT liquid

You can remove the paint from the miniature using DOT or Paint Striper as well.

Important! If you have already inserted any stickers on the model and you want to reuse them in the future then remove it at first.

Removing the paint using DOT

DOT is used in automotive industry at car braking sytem but it’s as well very good remover of a paint. (DOT has different levels of viscosity. When we’re removing the paint from the minis then we’re using the DOT-4).

Notice, DOT has very unpleasant smell and it’s very oily. We recommend to use it outsite or in airy place with gloves.

If you already have these things, fill the plastic container with the DOT liquid.
(It’s important to fill whole part in it).

The time of “pickling” an item depends on how much layers the miniature has. We recommend to leave it for about approximetly from 2 hours to even 2 days.

There shouldn’t be any effect if you overtime the time in DOT with good quality plastic (e.g good quality models from Games Workshop).

Poor quality plastic may be softened if you leave it for a week and make the miniature unable to reuse.

Removing the paint using Paint Striper

Using paint striper is much more effective way to remove the paint from the plastic model but it’s also more expensive way, It’s based on alcohol solvent.

paint stripper paint remover

Scrub the model with a regular toothbrush

After you pick up the model from the liquid you have to scrub the model gently with a toothbrush, paint should be removing easily. When the paint will come down completly wash the plastic model with a warm running water.

This method is effective as well when you already put the glue on the model.

Let the model dry after you complete these steps

Let the model dry by itself or use gently the paper towel to soak the rest of the water.

Final thoguhts

This method maight take more time and be less effective on fully painted plastic models but if you can extend the time in liquid this method is going to work as well. Good luck!

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