Sep 2, 2022 3 min read

5 things you need to know before you start miniature painting🎨

5 things you need to know before you start miniature painting
Table of Contents

If you would like to get started with miniature painting, here is the list and recommendations on all the resources you will need!

From required tools to brushes, paints and even proper attitude.

1. Workspace

At first when you want to start painting you should find the space where you could begin at and how to arrange it.

We have described a whole arcitle about preapering a perfect workspace for miniature painting. We recommend you to read it as well.

2. Tools

When you have preapaerd the workspace you should proceed to buy required tools.

When you start you should have these tools:
– different types of brushes,
– water storage for brushes (could be even plastic cups),
– pallete for the paint,
– good view for tablet or guide,
– pad

And when you would like assemble and magnetize the models you should read this article:
How to magnetize miniature models?

3. Paints

This topic is so comprehensive and probably every painter would have different look at this but very imporant thing is that you should have the most common colors and the producent of paints doesn't really matter beacause you want to improve your skills. (there'll be time for creating detailed masterpiece😉.)

The basic color list that every beginner painter should have (it's mostly based on the army you want to paint):
metalic grey,
metalic gold,
metalic bronze,
skin color,
and at least 3 types of washes (Agrax Earthshade, Nuln Oil, Reikland).

4. Patience

Be patient! Process of painting is long-term adventure. You don't need to have any experience or finishing the painting class to start.

Check our painter progress over the years:

And 6 years of experience later.

Most of our painters recommend at first to paint models by step-by-step tutorials that're included in miniature boxes.

You don't need to buy all required paints form the tutorials and you even should mix paints to learn how to achieve desired colors.

5. Consistency

This step is the most imporant.

When you have done everything listed above then you should plan time you're going to spend weekly/monthly to improve your miniature painting skills.

We recommend to try paint different types of the models not only the simplest one's these one on the.

After some time don't forget to implement the freehands on your models.

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