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Miniature painting station - how should look perfect setup for miniature painting?

miniature painting station
Miniature painting studio
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The perfect workspace for miniature painting should contain as much as possible facilities to make your work fast and cosy. Every professional painter should have dedicated painting space that is comfortable and functional. In this article we’re going to present aspects that every painter should consider to implement or improve while miniature painting.

You should know that well prepared workspace’s going to save you more time and in resault increase your productivity.

1. Miniature painting desk

Everyone is beggining from arranging their workspace. That’s the personal space so each painter will have his/her own priorites in arranging it. We would like to treat this article like an inspiration rather than a must have.

Enough space

The first question while creating own paintng studio is – can you allow this space to to be taken out of the usage from you and yours roommates? If the answer is negative then you should think of maybe changing the space or limitation of a space. Some space might be crucial especially while magnetizing miniature models.

Miniature painting desk

As you can see above, our workspace require some space.

When you’re sure you can proceed with next steps. Now you can start creating your own studio.


Before you buy a perfect desk good practise is to measure the maximal dimensions that it could take in your room.

Good modern solutions are desks with possibility of adjusting the height of it but obviously it’s not required. The top of the desk should be created from easily cleaning surfaces like granite or wood but instead you can place the painting mat on the top of it as well or even cheaper substitute.

The desk should be optimised for your height, it should be wide enough as well to accommodate all the required stuff. (like Airbrush, paint etc.)

Consider if there is enough space for everything including your own arms!

Proper chair

First of all the chair should be cosy for the user, you can spend the hours sitting on it so it’s worth on investing in, we recommend using of the ergonomic office chair rather than gaming ones.

Chair same as the desk should be optimised for your height and both of them should fit together in this aspect, otherwise you could even end up with the back pain or neck pain.

2. Lightning

The painter needs proper lightning. While choosing it consider the space it might take and take the neutral color of the light. We don’t recommend using the yellow light.

The perfect color temperature of the light should be between 5000 – 6000 kelvin.

With time the position of the painter might change, it may prove to be useful to choose a ligthing with adjustiable arm. If you choose lamp with the flexible arm make sure it will be proper length so the lamp won’t annoy you during painting.

The bulb inside of it should be bright and it should giving the light for the whole desk. In some setups additional lightning might be required.

3. Different types of organizers

Easy and fast access to the tools that painter require is key. Believe us you don’t want to walk every time you need to grab some tool or other stuff. With time it might get even frustraiting.

You should get the organizers for the most required stuff.

Water storage

At this point there is no philosophy you just pour water into the glass. Good habit is to have at least two glass of water while painting.

Palette of paint

You can afford a small wooden palette for paint into your studio but there’s also possibilty to just use wet palette.


In every paint professional workspace should be place for the storage for the paints, unused stuff, brushes etc.

miniature painting desk storage

There're different types of organizers and you should choose these which fits your desk.

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Final thoughts

While creating the studio keep in mind that it has to be good not other than for yourself. You can create the required organizers depends on your needs from e.g. wooden parts with exact size you might need.

Would you like to share a photo of you studio or maybe you have any suggestions to improve the painting studio?

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