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How to clean brushes after miniature painting?

How to clean brushes after miniature painting
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While painting there is very imporatant aspect of keeping the brush in good condition. Well-preserved brush will last much longer and the final appearance of the miniatures will be much better.

Cleaning of the brush

From time to time while painting, you need to lower the brush in the warm water and remover without acetone. (We clean the brush in warm water or in an acetone-free cleaner)

remover pumper
Protip – we recommend you to use the pump for the remover with this you can minimize the risk of dropping it to the miniature and the redundant amount of the remover and it make your job faster.

Frequency of dipping the brush in the water depends even of the temperature of the surroundings. You should do it more often in summer due to the higher temperature.

When it comes to cleaning in the water we clean with a quick movement, try do not strike too much on the edge of glass. When you pull it out let it dry on the paper towel.

Do not leave brush in the water for whole night! If you leave the brush for a whole night in the water at the next day the brush may be thrown away as well.

Before taking next color get rid of the previous one and then put new color like on the video below.

Do this move everytime you put the paint on the brush

When you finish the painting you can clean brush under the running warm water with natural good quality grey soap.

It is worth washing the brush after each finished painting because washing with soap only is not sufficient. It's keeping the bristles in natural shape.

Remeber as well to change the water to the fresh one, the regular water from the tap is enough.

Do not leave brushes in the water

After keeping the brush few hours in water it might get inside ferrule and can cause bristle loss. Expect that the bristle itself loses plasticity.

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