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Assembly Services

Get your army ready!

The foundation of a properly painted model lies in the careful assembly and meticulous cleaning of its parts. Throughout this process, we leave no stone unturned, addressing every modeling detail with precision. This includes the removal of mold lines, the correction or filling of any imperfections in the model's surface, all in the pursuit of ensuring the finest possible outcome when it comes to painting. Additionally, whenever the kit permits, we provide a variety of models with distinct poses to enhance the diversity and visual appeal of your collection.

Our assembly services encompass a range of essential tasks, including cutting, cleaning, drilling gun barrels and exhausts, and precise gluing. Additionally, we offer advanced services such as magnetization of extra parts and weapons, as well as the installation of LED lights for a truly customized experience. Please note that the prices listed in our assembly pricelist are applicable when combined with the painting of a model