Aug 31, 2022 2 min read

How to treat a brush while painting miniatures?

How to treat a brush while painting miniatures?
Different types of brushes could be used in numerous variations
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When it comes to the miniature painting there are a lot of details that can influence the final resault of the paint and can and affects the amount of time you can use the brush.

What you should and shouldn’t do with your brush?

First of all does the type of the brush matter?

Yes usage of different types do matter.

There’re two types of brush used in the painting industry the syntetic and the natural brushes. You can use only one type of the brush, there is no need to have both of the types.

When should you use the specyfic type of the brush?

Use of the different type depends of the surface, place and the paint that is required to paint. In our company painters’re using natural brushes while doing the detailed lining because artificial ones are deforming in detailed paint.

When it comes to the dry brush technique we use the syntethic brushes instead.

What can affect “the life” of the brush?

When it comes to extending the life of your brush there’re some things that can affect the life of the brush.

1. Painted surface

The most important aspect that can affect the life of the brush is the surface that you’re painting. The brush will wear more on metallic or resin surfaces than on the plastic ones.

painting plastic miniature
This miniature is plastic and we’re using the natural brush to paint the details.

2. Pressue on the brush

You shouldn’t push the brush too hard when you paint, treat the brush gentle.

3. Picking up paint with bristles

It’s not recommended to pick up the paint with the bristles. Do it with the edge of the brush or any other thing but remember to keep that thing clean.

Picking up paint with edge of the brush
If you would like to pick up the paint do it with the edge of the brush

4. When you finish the painting keep the brush in case

After the job is done you can keep the brushes on the table but remember to not keep them directed to the top.

When you taking your brushes away you should keep your brush in plastic case directed down to the floor. It’s important because rest of water won’t soak into the brush structure.

brush in protection case
This step is recommended especially if you often move with the brushes. 

Final thoughts

Some of the techniques might be different for every painter/studio. The steps that we have introduced today’re safe and you can use them while you paint. Do you have any other questions? Please write to us.

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