Den of Imagination takes commissions for all wargaming miniatures. If you need painting, converting, sculpting, assembling, LED lights - literally anything regarding the hobby, don't hesitate - simply contact us via service@denofimagination.com.




The studio offers you a personal approach to your projects and a stream of creative thoughts to meet your expectations. You can count on fast communication of your choice. We are available for you via email and also on skype and facebook chat. You are also provided with photos during the progress of the project. We are open to suggestions to achieve your full satisfaction.


If you want to help us and speed things up please download, fill and send to us this file: DoI Instruction



Den of Imagination offers a variety of services including single display miniature pieces as well as an army painting service.


Very high quality of cleaning and mold removing.


We can design anything you desire for your miniature needs.


Den of Imagination is known for amazing sculpts.


Den of Imagination specializes in conversion work to give your models unique look.


We offer a wide range of different bases.


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Khorne Army

I think it goes without saying, but you guys absolutely nailed the final results! every piece looks absolutely amazing!! I love all the little touches and details you guys managed to work into the pieces! I couldn't be happier with the work I've seen, and the service I've gotten from you all since day one. You guys are truly a great company, and have been an absolute pleasure to work with. I'm pretty sure I'll be coming back to you guys again and again for my modeling needs in the future! Thanks again for all your updates, and keeping me in the loop of everything! and really let the team, and whoever else that's been a part of the project know it's truly amazing work and that I can't express how talented they all are. I'm really happy to have had them work on the models!

Chaos Army

THOSE LOOK AMAZING!! Like, every model just looks utterly badass and you guys did a great job converting them up! I especially think the Chosen turned out way better looking than I would have thought! and the Chaos Lord and champion just looks incredible! Plus, I like the bit of adding some of the original berserker heads into the mix it seems. As for the Storm bolters, I'm completely fine with them! In the end, the combi bolter is just a twin barreled gun, and those work just as well as any other. Though yeah! I can't wait to see these all painted up! Seriously, the team did an awesome job putting them together! Let them know I am absolutely blown away by that and to all the little details they managed to toss onto some of the models


Thank you guys so much for everything, the model is stunning and much more than could have hoped. When I watched your studio tour and saw my the model in progress I was blown away, and now that its finished I am even more so.

J.N. Scott from U.S. - Damn Happy Customer

I have contacted many but used only a few painting services over the years to paint my many armies from my many wargaming hobbies.  All of them have done a great job painting them but none of them wanted to take full “army lists”.  Some of them were pretty expensive, some of them took months to paint a squad, and some of them just didn’t want to do certain models (IE generic soldier or trooper models).  Den of Imagination is the only service that combines speed, artistry, professionalism, economy (and by that I mean they will paint your WHOLE army, your way, for a price you can afford), and customer service. Den of Imagination has painted two 40K armies for me so far (Necron and Raven Guard) as well as a few additional models and I plan on using them to paint even more of my armies.  DOI has gone above and beyond each time, doing little things that made my models look better.  They listen to what you want and deliver.  I am always satisfied with everything that they do.  Michael, Dariusz and the staff are top notch.  If you just want your favorite miniature for a showcase or an entire invading horde, DOI is your place to get them painted.

DouglasĀ from U.S.

Den of Imagination is not your out of the box paint set for figures. Their detail, communication, ideas, and talent far suprasses any other service I've seen. They will check with you on many things, send you pictures to show progress, and even minor things they have questions on, and work so that you get what you want! Great service, suggesting it to all my friends, you're missing out if your models are not painted by Den 'of Imagination! Oh! Shout out to Pauline, freehand extrodinaire! If you're thinking of getting a freehand, ask if she's available, and just do it, you won't be disappointed! The others can do excellent work on freehands too, she just did mine and they're Aaaaaamazing!

AustinĀ from U.S.

I wanted to write to you guys and just say how happy I am with your service. You guys have done a stellar job on my Space Wolves. I get nothing but compliments wherever I go play. It's wow the blending and airbrush works is fantastic and the detail is amazing. I always say thank you, and refer them to DOI. I look forward to working with you guys/gals in the future again.